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Wisconsin Certified Food Protection Manager
FMC® Proctor Training

Made for Wisconsin Certified Food Managers

A FMC® Certified Food Protection Manager certificate is provided upon successful completion of our proctored ANAB-CFP Food Manager program. Get Started Today

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This Certified Food Manager course is nationally recognized and accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for our ANAB-CFP (Conference for Food Protection) Exam.  FMC is approved for the State of Wisconsin, and may be purchased for $0 which includes the Prometric Proctor Fees.  An EduProctor™ can purchase exams without proctor fees attached as they would be proctoring food manager candidates on their own.  Learn more on how to become an EduProctor™.

FMC® Food Managers Certification for Wisconsin

Food Managers Certification Certified Food Protecion Manager


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  • State Regulations

     Learn about the various state regulations concerning Food Manager Certification.

    What are Wisconsin's Food Manager Regulations?

    Wisconsin's Food Manage Requirements indicate, "Most licensed food establishments must have at least one manager or operator certified in food protection practices. Certification is required for most food establishments, but not all. ?The new food code allows for an exemption in the following situations: prepackaged retail food establishments (meal and non-meal), when handling only fresh fruits or produce; transient events; and micro markets. Operators of Transient Retail Food Establishments are exempt from this requirement. Only DATCP establishments that engage in retail food activities are required to have a certified food protection manager.

    To meet regulatory requirements, required personnel must post the exam certificate, taken within the past 5 years, in public view and available for review by inspection staff. Small operators must post the course completion certificate. ?

    The operator or manager of an establishment that is new or undergoing a change-of-operator must have a food manager with the appropriate credential within the first 90 days? after opening. With the exception of small operators, all food managers are required to take and pass an approved exam every 5 years. Small operators that have 5 or fewer food handlers that have a food manager that has already taken the full certification exam and is renewing within 90 days after the ex?piration date of their initial certified food manager credential may use the Food Safety for Small Operators (Recerti?fication) course to meet the requirement. Any food manager whose credential is not renewed within 90 days after the expiration date is required take and pass an approved exam.?"

    Also, per the Wisconsin Food Code, Food Establishments notes "FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS meeting the applicability requirements specified in § 12–101.11 are required to employ at least one individual who is a certified food manager that holds a valid certificate of food protection practices as required in s. 97.33 (1r), Stats.". 

  • General Questions

    What does FMC® CFPM stand for?

    FMC® is the registered trademark of EduClasses® which stands for Food Managers Certification.

    CFPM stands for Certified Food Protection Manager, who is a food manager candidate that has passed an ANAB-CFP (Conference for Food Protection) Certified Food Protection Manager exam such as the one provided by EduClasses® FMC® Food Managers Certification.  The FMC® CFPM exam is for new food manager candidates or food managers within ANAB-CFP accepted states who are needing to renew their Food Protection Manager Certification.

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