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Texas Certified Food Protection Manager
FMC® Proctor Training

  • State Regulations

     Learn about the various state regulations concerning Food Manager Certification.

    What are Texas' Food Manager Regulations?

    Per the regulation governing food manager certification in Texas is found in Section 25 TAC §229.176 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC). This section falls within Title 25, Health Services, Part 1, Department of State Health Services, Chapter 229, Food and Drug, Subchapter K, Texas Food Establishments.

    To obtain certification as a food manager in Texas, individuals must successfully pass either the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)-approved exam or the ANAB-CFP Program exam. The exam, which can be taken online, is proctored remotely. While the DSHS-approved exam is valid only within Texas, the ANAB-CFP exam holds recognition nationwide where the program is accepted.  Go to Texas.FoodManagerClasses.com to learn more and sign up.

    Under Texas state law, it is mandatory for every food establishment to have at least one certified food manager present.

    Additionally, all other employees handling food in these establishments must undergo accredited food handlers training. The DSHS stipulates that this training program must encompass a minimum of two hours of material. Within 60 days of commencing employment, employees who interact with unpackaged food, food equipment, utensils, or surfaces that come into contact with food must complete the food handler certificate program.

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Made for Texas Certified Food Managers

A FMC® Certified Food Protection Manager certificate is provided upon successful completion of our proctored ANAB-CFP Food Manager program. Get Started Today

Certification for Anyone, Anytime.

This Certified Food Manager course is nationally recognized and accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for our ANAB-CFP (Conference for Food Protection) Exam.  FMC is approved for the State of Texas, and may be purchased for $0 which includes the Prometric Proctor Fees.  An EduProctor™ can purchase exams without proctor fees attached as they would be proctoring food manager candidates on their own.  Learn more on how to become an EduProctor™.

FMC® Food Managers Certification for Texas

Food Managers Certification Certified Food Protecion Manager


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  • General Questions

    What does FMC® CFPM stand for?

    FMC® is the registered trademark of EduClasses® which stands for Food Managers Certification.

    CFPM stands for Certified Food Protection Manager, who is a food manager candidate that has passed an ANAB-CFP (Conference for Food Protection) Certified Food Protection Manager exam such as the one provided by EduClasses® FMC® Food Managers Certification.  The FMC® CFPM exam is for new food manager candidates or food managers within ANAB-CFP accepted states who are needing to renew their Food Protection Manager Certification.

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  • State Regulations

     Learn about the various state regulations concerning Food Manager Certification.

    What are Dallas, Tx, Certified Food Manager Regulations?

    Per the City of Dallas Code Complance Consumer Health Division page concerning information on Food Service Manager,

    "Registered Food Service Manager Certification
    A manager/supervisor, who has completed a food service manager certification course from a Texas Department of State Health Services accredited institution, must be on-site while the establishment is operating. Operators without certified personnel on duty during operations may be issued Municipal Court citations for this violation."

    A "a Texas Department of State Health Services accredited institution", TX DSHS, includes all ANAB-CFP accredited programs for which FMC® Food Managers Certification is an ANAB-CFP accredited Certified Food Service Manager or Registered Food Service Manager program.

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