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ADA Policy and Procedures


It is the policy of EduClasses® for the FMC® Food Managers Certification program to comply with all state and federal laws concerning individuals with disabilities so as not to discriminate against them, and to provide reasonable examination accommodations to qualified individuals.


An individual with a disability, as described by the ADA, is a person who:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity;
  • Has a record or history of substantially limiting impairment, or
  • Is regarded or perceived as having a substantially limiting impairment.

Request for Reasonable Accommodation

If you are a qualified individual with a disability, and you believe that you will need some change or adjustment to one or more of the examination activities, you may request a reasonable accommodation.

Reasonable accommodations available to qualified individuals with disabilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing written materials in accessible formats;
  • Providing readers or sign language interpreters;
  • Conducting examination in accessible locations;
  • Providing or modifying equipment or devices; or
  • Adjusting or modifying application policies and procedures as necessary.

Note: This examination is offered in English only. No translators are allowed to participate during the examination.

Your request for a reasonable accommodation may be made in writing.

If you require special accommodations, you must submit the Accommodations Request Packet to FMC® for approval at least 3 weeks prior to scheduling your examination time.

EduClasses® reserves the right to memorialize any such request in written form for record-keeping and quality assurance.

To request an accommodation:

  • You, or someone acting on your behalf, must inform EduClasses® for the Food Managers Certification program that you need some sort of change or adjustment to the examination process because of  your impairment.
  • Unless your disability and the need for accommodation are obvious, EduClasses® may ask you for reasonable documentation from your physician, license healthcare practitioner, or other appropriate professional explaining the disability, and why an accommodation is necessary.
  • Although you may request specific accommodations, if more than one possible accommodation is available that will meet your needs, EduClasses® reserves the right to choose which accommodation to provide. If an accommodation that EduClasses® proposes will not meet your needs, you will need to explain why.
  • EduClasses® does not need to provide an accommodation if doing so would create an undue hardship.

If you wish to submit your request for a reasonable accommodation in writing, please print and complete the form below and return it to EduClasses® for the FMC® Food Managers Certification program.

You may also download the form to Request Reasonable Accommodation here: ADA Request Form.

Request For Reasonable Accommodation

If you are a qualified candidate seeking a reasonable accommodation under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, please complete this form and return it to EduClasses®.

Your name:  
Your address:  
Your email:  

Please identify the impairment(s) that you believe will affect your ability to take the examination.


Please describe the accommodation(s) you are requesting as well as any alternative.


Explain how the requested accommodation(s) will allow you to take the examination:


Are there any essential functions of the examination that you will be unable to perform or complete, with or without the requested accommodation(s)? Please explain.


Signature   Date

Mail to: EduClasses®
Attn: Food Managers Certification
1908 W Taylor St
Sherman, TX 75092

Updated: 5/10/2024